King of the Ride

Episode 55: Laura King — My Wife! All Around Ripper, Event Promoter, Vermonter, Soon to be Mother(!) and so much more

March 2, 2020

My better half, Laura King, is someone I mention often on this show. So it's probably no surprise that I've received a lot of suggestions that we should have her on the show! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, Laura King to the King of the Ride podcast.

This episode covers Laura's background, where she found her athletic drive and general tenacity that sparks her every day. It explores how she ended up in California and then how she's made the transition to the polar opposite part of the country now in Vermont. We'll discuss where the idea to create Rooted Vermont came from, the never ending job that it is to be an event director, and how it's all gone amid her pregnancy.

Laura's insight has been sought out by pregnant people world wide as she tackles a job, athletics, and being pregnant. Here is a recent Velonews article that's been widely read and something she penned for ProKit.

Follow Laura's adventures in life on instagram at LauraCameronKing and of course follow the adventure we have going on at Rooted Vermont.

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